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My name is Heidi Bratt. Thank you for visiting Heidi Bratt's Senate Bill. You're probably wondering how this site came to be. So, I'll give you some of my history.

I began my journey as an advocate for alopecia 10 years ago. I have been involved, on a state level, as a legislative liaison for the State of Massachusetts and a member of the Boston Area Alopecia Areata Support Group. In addition, I am a member of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) in California.
My mission is to get the senate bill for alopecia areata passed because health insurance companies in Massachusetts will not pay for wigs for people that have permanent hair loss caused by alopecia. I have worked hard, with a lot of frustration, because after 10 years of determination the bill has still not passed. I ask myself, "Why do insurance companies pay for wigs for people that have gone through chemo and lost their hair?" I find this very disturbing and discriminatory against people that have alopecia areata.
Throughout my 10 years fighting for this cause, I have been privileged to some awards that I treasure. Four of the awards came from the State House, two from the House of Representatives and two are from the Senate in recognition for my work over the years.

I have done work to accomplish getting three health insurance companies to pay for wigs for people that have alopecia areata. There was great success in helping promote awareness around alopecia during State House Day, which I participated in September of 2008 and 2009. I am involved in schools to raise awareness about the alopecia areata as well.

My goal for 2010/2011 is to re-file the Senate bill for alopecia areata when the legislative session starts. Senator Bruce Tarr will be working with me to make this happen!

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